It is a very tough industry especially if you have never worked FIFO before.

Before starting this meditation, I worked in a very fast paced and demanding environment.

The challenges of this kind of work weighed on me both mentally and physically and included travelling long distances, leaving loved ones behind and missing them, loneliness, missing the comforts of home and catching early morning flights.  My body was constantly aching and fatigued from doing long hours.

Working with others also brought its share of challenges. I was always blaming others for this and that and always trying to make others see things from my perspective.  The biggest stress for me was dealing with people who didn’t pull their weight or do their share of work. It usually ended up in retaliation and meetings with managers!

It was hard for me to turn off.  My rest and relaxation consisted of visiting Remedial Healing Clinics and I also did self-meditation. The stress and pain proved to be unbearable.

I took a two-year break and, at that time, I found this amazing meditation and my whole world changed.  The more I meditated, the freer I felt and I knew that this was something I was going to see to the end.

I returned to FIFO two years later and OMG 18months down the track here I am…

Because my mind changed, my perspective about work changed.  I work in a happy environment with good work ethics.  Managers and work colleagues are always accommodating and helpful.  Time is of no essence and I get all my work done with ease.  There is also lots of laughter and everyone works so well together.  I also get to go to the gym regularly and have more time to call family.  My body has never been so healthy and happy.

My best pleasure is that it is so easy to meditate throughout the day privately in my room, while working my shift, travelling, and even at Pre -starts.  It is such a simple method, I can follow it anywhere!

How awesome is that!  I am truly grateful to have met this meditation and I hope everyone can try it!