How have you changed before and after meditation?

Before I started this meditation, I was a high achiever with an idea about how everything (and everyone) should be. I was the master of my own stress and anxiety. Shortly after the birth of my second son, my husband started working FIFO and my world fell apart. I couldn’t cope with anything, particularly having a baby and toddler on my own. I became terribly depressed, and over the next 2 years was put on several different anti-depressants.

I started this meditation and I couldn’t believe the immediate effect! Like a fog was lifted from my mind. Everyone around me said how much I had changed; I was happier and less controlling. Even the kids somehow changed… they became calmer! I realised that they had been feeding off my emotions. That was it for me; I didn’t just meditate for myself, I meditated for them because I did not want to give them the rubbish that was in my mind.

How has meditation helped you to manage fifo lifestyle?

When my husband first started working FIFO, I would absolutely dread fly out day. I felt scared, burdened, and alone. My husband and I constantly fought because, to me, he just didn’t understand how hard it was for me. I would spend those weeks just trying to survive, me and the kids counting down the days until daddy came home.

After doing this meditation that all changed. I no longer feel lonely when my husband is not here. I am happy, settled and satisfied, no matter what happens; daddy at home or daddy at work, makes no difference. Fly out day is a breeze; it is just another day. I am no longer fearful of having to “cope” on my own.

My husband and I stopped fighting so much. The kids have changed as well; they are little sponges, and they were obviously picking up on my stress. Their behaviour was always shocking when daddy was away. Now they are simply calm and happy kids! Kids are so resilient if they are not being fed negative emotions – It’s amazing to see actually.

Anything else you would like to say?

I highly recommend that all mothers try this meditation, particularly FIFO mothers. FIFO ladies, we certainly have our own unique conditions and I’m sure I am not the only one who has felt stressed, lonely and uncertain. If you want to feel always happy and comfortable in your mind no matter what the circumstance, then this meditation is for you.